What is Physiotherapy?

The definition of physiotherapy is: 'The treatment of disorders with physical agents and methods, such as massage, manipulation, therapeutic exercise, cold, hot (including short-wave, microwave and ultrasonic diathermy), hydrotherapy, electrical stimulation and light to assisting rehabilitating patients and restoring normal function after illness or injury (Mosby's 1990). What area of injury and disease can be helped by physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is used in conjunction with veterinary and General practice to enhance the animals (human and small animal) well-being, to speed up recovery times and as a preventative for further disease or injury. The use of some modalities may have fewer side effects to conventional medications and again enhance the recovery of the animals/human.

What area of injury and disease can be helped by physiotherapy?

• Soft tissue injuries, muscle, ligamentous, tendon and capsule trauma (spinal and peripheral) can benefit from certain physical modalities if approached correctly.
• Spinal conditions pre and post operatively
• Peripheral traumas including fractures post operatively.
• Orthopaedic issues
• Respiratory issues
• Neurological issues
• Movement dysfunction problems, leading from a muscle imbalance.
• Loss of form with athletes.
• Working within the multiple disciplinary team it can also help to isolate and identify behavioural problems that can then be dealt with by the appropriate team member.

These can be used in relation to animals and humans being a Chartered physiotherapist I am able to assist the handling of the animal when ill/ impaired and help with the rehabilitation of the animal while also addressing the human aspect of the issues as well.

'My dog is not jumping well in agility'

The example shows a potential change in the dog or the owner's capacity and a thorough assessment can show whether it is an injury to the animal or the owner.
Not jumping well could be a poor push off or injury that has been received by the dog, but it can also be a vision change or owner injury that is causing the dog to miss cues in the ring and therefore not jump as well. Being able to examine and discuss both parties involved with the sport allows for a better understanding of the conditions and causes and therefore return them both to the sport.

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